We collect good quality clothing

to provide for those who need it.

"Around 20% of the UK Population 

(13,500,000 people) was estimated to be living in poverty in the UK 2018.

We found out first hand, that people that fall just above this line are struggling more then ever to clothe themselves or their family after having to pay for the everyday living costs. 

Due to the current climate we can only expect this number to inflate. 

Right now, more than ever, people need the secruity of being able to clothe themselves and their loved ones."

Sally Parkinson

CO-Founder | The Clothing Bank


Can represent the viriety of people

that reach out for our support.


The Clothing Bank Community

is so important. 

Two Ladies and a passage way . . .


The Clothing Bank was established in January 2020. 

It all started with two ladies and a passageway. It still sounds like the set-up line to a badly written joke, but it's the truth. 

We saw there was a gap in the support chain for people accessing help who was struggling to clothe themselves or their family after having to pay for the everyday living costs. 

In January 2020 we started off by setting up volunteer clothing drop off points between a couple of friends' houses and a Facebook page.

We sorted clothing and completed our first referrals from the empty (soon to be filled) passageway at one of the properties. We quickly found that more space was needed so the fundraising began.

We received a donation of a carport and storage boxes, Exactly what we needed! This allowed us to store more clothes for a wider range and kept in pristine condition.

In August 2020 we had raised the funds to renovate an outbuilding, this provided us space to think bigger and allow us to plan ahead and stock for future seasons.

We were successful! 
The national lottery funding bid had been accepted for our multipurpose cabin.

Having this accepted helped us recognise that we really can start to reach people further than our current stock range would have allowed. The Clothing Bank Cabin was built in December 2020.

All this would not be possible without the support of The Clothing Bank community.

As it stands 51,000 + people are actively spreading our message, donating clothing and acting as volunteer drop off points. We also have a couple of local firms sponsoring us.

This support has allowed us to supply clothing to over five thousand people plus with quality clothing and new underwear.

A Lack of clothing affects people in different ways. Other than the obvious practical use of good quality clothing provides, one universal truth seems to be an increase in confidence and Self-esteem. Taking weight off their shoulders and allowing them to blend into society without potential prejudice.

Helping young people get on with education has been rather rewarding. We have been told first-hand that they feel like by being supplied trendy clothing they’ve been accepted into new social groups, their confidence has lifted and have achieved a sense of direction in their life.

What Happened in 2022

Our volunteer drop off points increased to 93 locations over Yorkshire, However the requests for support became nationwide.

We addressed this increase by posting out more packs throughout the UK.

By the end of 2022 The Clothing Bank community had enabled us to provide more than 5700 people with packs of clothing.

As word spread the local news outlets and radio stations became interested in our story,

Which helped us highlight the clothing poverty in the UK hitting the working class the hardest.

The Christmas appeal we reached a new high in donations allowing us to reach over 600 children with new pyjama and a new outfit, this will allow us to be able to put 2-3 pairs of pyjamas in the packs in the new year.

The Clothing Bank community is amazing.

What's next for 2023?

Our volunteer drop off points has increased to 127 locations throughout Yorkshire.

This year got off to a busy start and to date we have provided 5400 packs of preloved clothing.

Moving forward we are looking for retailers to come onboard with end of line clothing.

We want to get schools onboard to talk to pupils about UK clothing poverty, how this affects others.
By collecting per-loved clothing we can then redistribute

this back into the community and saving it going into landfill.

The Clothing Bank is in the early stages of buying a second shed, this will allow us to have more volunteers in to help size clothes so we can fulfill more referrals quicker.

If you are a buisness reading this and are lookinf to sponser a charity please get intouch with The Clothing Bank (reg No 1198400) your vital funds help buy supplies and help with running costs.

We can help so many by coming together as  THE CLOTHING BANK community 

Thankyou for your support

Susan Bell | Sally Parkinson 

Co-Founders | The Clothing Bank